Great Ape community completes airdrop for Fairmoon holders

Great Ape community completes airdrop for Fairmoon holders

It’s not yet been two weeks since the stealth-launch of Great Ape, but the community has already been working tirelessly on a number of initiatives. These include general organisation of the community, web design, branding, (guerilla) marketing and an airdrop for another community.

Today we are happy to announce that a total of 250 million $GREATAPE tokens have been airdropped to a select number of Fairmoon holders who submitted information and completed tasks via a whitelist form, which was open for 48hrs earlier in the week.

There are no dev wallets for Great Ape, so the airdropped $GREATAPE tokens were donated by our generous community members, who wanted to show support to the Fairmoon community after their project was left in pieces due to a scammer.

In total our community of Great Apes collected 500 million $GREATAPE tokens via donations (0.5% of supply). We have airdropped half of these (250 million tokens total) to the 414 addresses that submitted their applications and were approved based on eligibility.

A list of successful whitelist addresses can be found below:

The remaining 250 million tokens will be airdropped in 30 days to the same addresses, as long as those addresses still hold $GREATAPE. If any of the addresses have sold all their $GREATAPE in that time, then their share will be split between the other successful whitelist applicants.

Out of 15,022 submissions to the airdrop whitelist, only 494 actually held Fairmoon. Out of those 494 people that held Fairmoon and applied for the airdrop, 414 joined the Great Ape Telegram channel, as per the instructions. These 414 addresses were each airdropped 603,864 $GREATAPE tokens (receiving 558,574 $GREATAPE tokens post tax).

The reason for the airdrop is because our dev (Morpheus) and some of our community had previously been harmed by the scammer who sought to destroy Fairmoon — WarOnRugs.

WarOnRugs undertook a prolonged FUD campaign against Morpheus’ previous project RFI, harming the project in a severe way. WarOnRugs then used Morpheus’ Reflect code in a number of their own projects, and actually went on to rug those projects and scam investors out of millions of dollars.

As a show of support to a fellow community who had been harmed by WarOnRugs, the Great Ape community decided to band together and raise donations for this airdrop of $GREATAPE.

As our community and project continues to grow, we hope this small gesture of $GREATAPE tokens will turn into a nice sum for the successful whitelist applicants.

To keep up-to-date on everything Great Ape, please visit our website and social pages:




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The airdrop transactions can be found below:



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