Great Ape Sales Platform Announcement


It’s an interesting time in the crypto market. 98% of the tokens shown on Dextools top trending list are Zero Utility Tokens (ZUTs) who never quite live up to their promises. There are so many NFT marketplaces in development right now that every solidity developer must be too busy creating them that they don’t have time to work on anything else, so people continue to create ZUTs to keep the market going.

Great Ape Sales Platform. Brining Great Utility to Great Ape.

The Platform

The general idea behind Great Ape is a simple but powerful one: it cannot be rugged. The LPs are burnt automatically during the launch, there’s no owner functions to worry about, and no way for the token to become unsellable.

Giving Great Ape Utility

Now you might ask, how does this turn Great Ape into a non-ZUT token? Without getting into a philosophical debate on the nature of utility, and just letting me get away with defining it as “a token with more interactions than just buying and selling”, the Great Ape token will be benefiting from the Ape Sales Platform in a couple of ways:


It’s been a fun ride so far in the Great Ape community. We saw a massive pump at launch, another surge once we began marketing and lots of organic growth, interest from ZUT whales and gained a bunch of loyal community members from our Fairmoon airdrop. I hope that we continue to keep the community growing and together make a better sales platform which will bring much-needed security to fellow ZUT enthusiasts.



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Great Ape

Great Ape


Great Ape contains highly optimized versions of several popular DeFi mechanisms which have been rewritten to address gas optimization, bugs and security flaws.